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Exceptional Wines, Sustainable Practices

Our Carmel Valley Vineyard sits at the pinnacle of the Carmel Valley Appellation on a ridgeline 1,650 feet above sea level. Its orientation captures the cooling marine air each night, with the vines above the coastal fog.

We tend our vineyard by hand using sustainable practices. The well-drained rocky soil creates balanced vines with limited fruit.

With our initial 1998 planting of 1,000 vines (50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon 337 on 110R rootstock and 50 percent Merlot 181 on RG rootstock), we celebrated our first commercial wine release in 2006. The vineyard has expanded over the years and we currently tend to just over 1,800 vines.

In addition to our Estate vineyard vintages, we have carefully sourced the best fruit for our Carmel Valley and Napa Petite Sirah and our Napa Petit Verdot.

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