The Vineyard

Carmel Valley Vineyard is at the pinnacle of the Carmel Valley Appellation located atop the ridge line at an elevation of 1650 feet, its orientation captures cooling marine influences nightly. The vineyard is hand tended with sustainable practices. The well-drained rocky soil creates balanced vines with limited yields of superior fruit that produce exceptional wine.

The vines were planted in 1998. The original planting was 1,000 vines 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 337 on 110R rootstock and 50% Merlot 181 on RG rootstock. It was trained to Vertical Shoot Positioning and is spaced meter by two. (4’X 8’). The vineyard has been expanded to 1850 vines and another 1,000 vines will be planted this year for a total of just over 2 acres.

Other plantings are scheduled.